Check Your Pulse!

If your heart isn’t racing, you’re not living at 21 Lofts.

Are you alive? Just put two fingers between the bone and the tendon over your radial artery. We know, we know. That’s a little technical. You’ll find it located on your wrist on the side where your thumb is. Once you feel your pulse, count the number of beats for 15 seconds. Times that number by 4.

If your heart isn’t racing, you don’t own a home at 21 Lofts.

Residents here don’t just take the pulse of the city on this proverbial radial artery we call 2100 South, they set it!

Now, this is living!

A short walk east from Twenty One Lofts on 2100 South puts you right in the heart of Sugar House, a vibrant, culturally diverse community with all the trappings of an urban lifestyle! You could explore this sweet district every day and every day find something new. The loose boundaries of Sugar House (it’s officially two words, some say it’s one word) are defined by the community council as being from 500 East to Foothill Drive and north to south from 1300 South to the city limits about 3000 South. This is one of the oldest communities in the Salt Lake Valley; and, it’s one of the newest! Sugar House is constantly evolving. It’s the residents that make it what it is and what it is today is an exciting center where people love to shop, dine, meditate and co-mingle.

Once this area was farmland loamy and just right for cultivating sugar beets. Now, it’s cultivating an atmosphere of social living in it’s many nooks and crannies. Need to relax? Why not visit:

… and more!

Feeling like a health nut? There are a variety of healthy food markets including these:

… and more!

Dying to dine out? Following is (by no means a complete) list of a few favorite eateries:

The eclectic shops in Sugar House are an important part of the urban ambiance! Many locally-owned retailers cater to specific clientele with whom they develop long lasting relationships through common interests. Following are a few examples:

Explore Sugar House on a warm Saturday afternoon. Take plenty of time to relax and enjoy. There are also many professional offices to help meet your dental, health and other self-care needs.

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